Exericse + Proper Nutrition + Support = Success

Support is one of the 3 pillars to achieving success with your health and fitness.  Support is the final piece of the equation and becomes very important to helping you stay consistent.  Remember consistency over time creates change!  Let’s look at a few ways that can get the support you need to have success.  We are all stronger when we stand together!

4 Tips for Gaining Support

  1. Support from YOU! – too often I work with people that beat themselves down, they see only their failures and not their successes.  Change your mindset, give yourself the support you need to have success.  Read good books, listen to good music, read an inspiring story or quote everyday so you can keep yourself positive.
  2. Support from family – nothing will sabotage your results faster than your immediate sphere undermining your efforts.  Share your goals with them, ask them to hold you accountable and be grateful when they remind you not to eat that or ask you if you got your workout in for the day.
  3. Support from friends – real friends will hold each other accountable and cheer on your success.  Invite your friends to join you in your journey and return the favor by supporting them as well.
  4. Support from a group – there are many online communities that are trying to help each other succeed.  By joining one of these groups you can gain extra support from the participants, but you could also help lift and inspire others by being an active participant.

Now it is time for you to put all the pieces together!  Exercise + Proper Nutrition + Support = SUCCESS!

Here’s to your success –

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