Succeed as a Beachbody Coach by Turning Selling into Serving

Most people don’t like to be sold something.  When we think of selling we think of Used Car Salesman, Telemarketers, and Door-to-Door Salesman pushing their products.  Certainly doesn’t inspire me to start my own business and begin selling products.

What if we flipped this concept on its head and instead of calling it selling, we call it serving.  Have you ever performed a service for someone that you didn’t know (open a door, help lift a heavy item into a car, etc)?  When was the last time you were the recipient of service?  Do you remember how that made you feel?  It probably made you feel great.  It is time to bring that same great feeling to your business.  The best way to do this is by giving people what they want, providing a solution to their problem. 

By giving people what they want or what they need, you are no longer selling, you are serving.  You are filling a need that your customer has, and helping them progress toward achieving their goal.  Let’s look at a couple of examples:

  1. Your friend, family member or customer has a problem.  They are trying to lose weight.  You provide a solution to their problem by helping them choose the right fitness program and by teaching them the importance of proper nutrition.  You also provide a format for them to receive answers to their questions.
  2. You have a Coach that has a problem.  They are spending money each month on their business and aren’t making any money and don’t know how long they can continue.  You help them get plugged into your system of success so they can learn step-by-step what they need to do to duplicate and become successful as a Coach.
  3. You have a friend who consistently talks about being frustrated at work or complains about down-sizing and decreased salaries.  Your friend wonders how long he/she will be able to keep their job.  You provide a solution by sharing with them an opportunity (a vehicle) that could change their frustration.  You also offer to them your support if they choose to join you in your journey.  

In each of the above scenarios we are providing solutions to problems.  We are no longer selling, we are serving our friends and customers by offering them a choice.  The choice is still theirs to make and it is important that we don’t try to make that choice for them because that is when serving turns back into selling.  We provide information, teach them the possible solutions, point them in the right direction, and then give them the freedom to make the choice.

Become a leader by providing solutions to problems and turn selling into serving!  You will be amazed at what it does for you and your business!

Here’s to Our Success!

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