There are alot of different protein/nutritional shakes out on the market today.  It seems like everywhere you turn, you run into the latest and greatest shake that is going to change the fitness and weightloss industry.  So how do you make heads or tails on which one is really the best for you?  Here are a few no-nonsense tips:

  1. Find a shake that produces the results you are after.  Do some research.  Ultimately, that is what all our nutritional choices are really about – RESULTS.  
  2. Taste matters – you aren’t going to be consistent if you don’t like the taste.  But also don’t be fooled by protein shakes packed with sugar.  Find the balance between taste and sugar sabotage.
  3. Test it out.  What works for one person, may not work for another.  So test it out and figure what works best for you.

I’ve experienced lots of different protein shakes over the last several years with varying results.  The beginning of the year I decided to test out another – Shakeology.  I heard lots about the nutritional value of the drink as well as the results it produced with others.  So I decided to test it out for myself.  In the first month of using Shakeology I lost 15 pounds.  Shakeology provided the result that I was after.  I continue to use Shakeology with good results.  My weight continues to go down gradually and more importantly to me, my body fat has also decreased.  If you have tried other protein drinks and you are still not getting the results you want, you may want to try Shakeology.  See what a few doctors have to say about Shakeology:

Here is to you and your ultimate success!

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  1. Kirk P at #

    I started using Shakeology last February and was very skeptical at first. However, I noticed that my energy actually increased while my weight and cholesterol levels dropped. I now use Shakeology to replace one meal every day and have noticed that I no longer crave sweets, and I feel full and satisfied in between meals. The ingredients in this product are totally incredible as is the quality. I have not been able to find another product anywhere on the market that even comes close to providing the same level of quality and nutrition I get from Shakeology. I am totally impressed and am a very satisfied customer.

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