P90X2 Workout Review Plus BONUSES

What is P90X2?



The follow-up to the #1-selling extreme home fitness program in the world has arrived. P90X2 is the result of 2 years of research and development conducted by a team of leading experts in fitness. These 12 breakthrough new workouts continue the evolution that P90X® began. P90X2 is an elite fitness program designed for fit people, like people who have finished P90X, to take them from fit to agile, from strong to powerful, from good to great—and even incredible.

This is no ordinary sequel. ™ P90X2 is a complete 90-day program with cutting-edge workouts grounded in the latest breakthroughs in exercise science. ™ P90X2 is better training than many pro athletes get, with more power, speed, agility, strength, and intensity in every workout. ™ P90X2 is the next wave in applied science for body transformation.  P90X2’s 12 new workouts will help you train like an athlete —ultimately, it will help your body to become stronger and more agile in almost every activity you undertake. And it’ll help you get into amazing shape. The Fuel Your Performance Nutrition Guide includes several customizable options, including new Vegan and Grain-Free options. And of course, master trainer Tony Horton is back to inspire you to Bring It!® again.

What makes P90X2 so effective?

The Muscle Confusion™ from P90X remains, but P90X2 is going to challenge your muscles and energy systems with movements, intervals, complexes, and the science of Post-Activation Potentiation (P.A.P.). This will not only force your body to fight to get stronger and more efficient, but it will also work your muscles in more intricate and subtle ways than many other fitness programs.

How is P90X2 unique from other programs?

P90X2 is divided into three phases: foundation, strength, and performance. By first strengthening your muscular and skeletal systems, you’ll have a platform to get stronger. By increasing your strength, similar to the way you did in P90X, you will have laid the groundwork for improving performance and mastering performance will help you move and look more like an athlete. This is state-of-the-art functional fitness and performance enhancement that was previously only available to world-class competitive athletes.  P90X2 features the influence of Harvard-trained Dr. Marcus Elliot, one of the most sought-after authorities in the world of sports science.


Who is the P90X2 program right for?

  • P90X Grads
  • Graduates of other extreme fitness programs, or individuals that have a good base level fitness
  • Athletes looking to improve performance and help prevent injury
  • Former athletes that want to train like they used to.

P90X2 base packageWhat is included in the P90X2 Program?

There are different packages available to fit your needs, but here is what is included in the P90X2 Base Package:

12 breakthrough, muscle-challenging workouts –

  • X2 Core. Works your core using instability. Master this routine for overall improved movement.
  • Plyocide. Explosive movements combined with mind and coordination drills for super speed/endurance.
  • X2 Recovery + Mobility. Realign your body with a foam-rolling technique and complete stretching routine.
  • X2 Total Body. Push your body to use the correct muscles and proper form to handle resistance and instability challenges.
  • X2 Yoga. Increase your isometric power and range of motion, and build stabilizer muscle strength.
  • X2 Balance + Power. Push your limits through strength and explosive movements while improving alignment.
  • Chest + Back + Balance. Achieve superior strength gains over those achieved through traditional weight training by working on unstable platforms.
  • X2 Shoulders + Arms. Keep your shoulders and arms strong and in balance to help minimize your risk of injury.
  • Base + Back. Give your two largest muscle groups a super workover with a pull-up and plyo extravaganza.
  • P.A.P. Lower. Give your lower body a cutting-edge workout with four-round complexes that boost performance.
  • P.A.P. Upper. Regain your youth with Post-Activation Potentiation training for your upper body.
  • X2 Ab Ripper. Upgrade your concept of what an ab workout should be with a series of demanding core movements.

Plus, get these information-loaded tools:

  • Fitness Guide. Get all the facts and tools you need to maximize your P90X2 results.
  • Nutrition Guide. We’ve evolved the diet along with the exercise program. Now in addition to traditional high-performance food choices, you can customize your plan with grain-free and vegan options.
  • How to Bring It Again Video. Get a quick overview of the complete P90X2 training system.

And even more tools to keep you on track:

  • 90-Day Workout Calendar. Set P90X2 workout goals each day, and schedule your recovery week when you need it.
  • Online Support. You’ll have access to Tony Horton and our panel of Beachbody® experts as well as peer support from other people doing P90X2.

What Bonuses are available when purchasing P90X2?

Exclusive FREE bonus workouts:

  • Get 2 FREE workouts specifically chosen to go with P90X2 when you order from this site: P90X ONE on ONE® 4 Legs and P90X ONE on ONE® Upper Body Balance.
  • A $39.90 value—FREE.

What RESULTS can I achieve with P90X2?

Great Results Josh!!

e and e plus r and r drinkAre there nutrition supplements that will enhance my P90X2 Results?

• Shakeology® helps provide customers with the nutrition they need to achieve their fitness goals with P90X

• Results and Recovery Formula® Postworkout Drink

• E&E Energy and Endurance®Pre-Workout Formula

Final thoughts on P90X2 workout program:

Once again Tony Horton breaks the mold to advance your health and fitness.  The incorporation of medicine balls, exercise balls, and foam rollers takes this from being just another solid home exercise program to a true performance enhancing workout regimen.

WARNING: this isn’t the best program for beginners as the added stability requirement on your body could lead to injury if you aren’t ready for it.

If you think you are ready to step up to the challenge and unleash that inner athlete then click below and let’s get started!


To your ultimate success!


P.S. Please share this information about P90X2 with other friends and family who may be considering this program.

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