P90X2 – Top 10 Questions Answered

P90X2: Questions and Answers


The long awaited sequel to P90X has arrived!  With the amazing results that P90X has created the world over, it is no surprise that people are anxious about the release of P90X2.

Let’s take a minute and answer a few questions that most people have about P90X2.  How is it different from P90X? Who is it for?  What is included in the program?  How much does it cost?  How can I get the program?

Question #1: How is P90X2 different from P90X?

P90X2-how is it different

Question #2: Who is a good candidate for P90X2?

If you are looking at this program you are probably a good candidate.  I certainly wouldn’t recommend it for beginners.

P90X2-who is it for




Question #3: How does P90X2 work?

P90X2-how does it work

Question #4: What kind of results should I expect from P90X2?
While the program will help you get results, your results will come with hard work, honest nutrition, and a commitment to consistency.

P90X2-results to expect

Question #5: How is P90X2 unique from other programs?

This program takes functional fitness to a whole different level.


Question #6: What are the P90X2 workouts?

P90X2 includes 14 different workouts to help you get the most out of your fitness and give you variety to keep your muscles guessing.

P90X2-the workouts

Question #7: What equipment is suggested?

If you are a P90X graduate you will already have most of the equipment you are going to need.


Question #8: Is the P90X2 Nutrition Guide Different?

New recipes, new options to add to your other favorite recipes.  Vegan and Paleo stuff too!






Question #9: How much does it cost?

Options for many different budgets are available.

P90X2 - How Much Does is Cost?

P90X2-Deluxe Kit

P90X2-Ultimate Kit

 Question #10: Where can I order P90X2? 

 Click Below to order P90X2 today!



To Your Ultimate Success!



P.S. Please comment below with your thoughts and share this information on P90X2 with friends and family who are thinking about embarking on their own fitness journey – you might just change a life!

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  1. Great info about P90X2!!! Thanks for sharing this!

  2. I am so fired up about this program. Can not wait for it to show up at my door. Thanks for putting this information up.

    • HawkPT at #

      I am stoked too! What program are you currently doing to prep for P90X2?

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