P90X Tips For Success

P90X Tips:

P90X Tips

P90X is a very demanding exercise routine that can transform your body in 90 days.  If you don’t believe that statement I would invite you to visit YouTube and type in P90X transformation and see for yourself – the proof is in the results.  You could also catch one of their infomercials on TV and see people just like you and I that have completely changed their body and life through the P90X exercise program.  However, in order for you to have success with this demanding program I thought I would share some P90X Tips for success that I have learned along the way.

First let’s dive into our first 3 P90X Tips for Success:

They are found in the Beachbody Mantra: DECIDE, COMMIT, SUCCEED

  • DECIDE:  In making this decision to take back control of your health, sit down and make a list of the reasons why now is the time.  Clearly define your WHY and make sure that it is strong enough to help you overcome obstacles that you will inevitably face in your journey.
  • COMMIT:  In order to finish this demanding program it will take commitment.  You will need to be committed, but you will also need the support of your family and friends.  The best way to gain their support is by inviting them to participate with you and experience the journey together.  Working out with a friend or a loved one is much more fun and a sure fire way to keep each other on track both with the exercise and the nutrition.  If you can’t get your friends and family to participate request that they help you stay committed.  Connect with the Beachbody community for support.  There will definitely be days you just don’t feel like exercising and having accountability partners can go a long way in keeping you on track!
  • SUCCEED:  Celebrate success along the way.  Even though the program is 90 days long, don’t forget to set smaller goals.  Set targets to accomplish in your workouts.  Set goals for your 30 and 60 day marks.  Set up specific rewards for the accomplishment of your goals.  Remember success breeds success!

You can see why Beachbody would choose this mantra for their slogan.

P90X Tips

Let’s look at a few additional P90X Tips for Success that will help along in your journey:

  • Visualize: Envision what your body will look like at the end.  What sizes will you be wearing?  Now go and buy yourself an outfit that you will wear when you get to the end.  Hang it in your closet where you can see it each day as a reminder of where you are going.
  • Plan, Plan, Plan:  “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail” – Harvey Mackay.  Don’t leave your exercise, nutrition, hydration and sleep up to chance.  Make sure that you plan your meals, you plan your exercise time, and you set a time that you plan on being in bed so you keep your body fresh and less likely to suffer from injury.
  • Nutrition is Key:  Take your nutrition seriously.  I made this mistake a few times in my first attempts at P90X.  I was hitting my exercise routine hard but paying little attention to what I was putting into my body.  Upon completion of my first 90 days, I got stronger, and I was in much better fitness, but I had little to show for it.  Having done P90X again and paying attention to my nutrition, I can tell you that nutrition certainly was the key for me in seeing results.
  • Consistency: There is a saying that I always tell my patients, “Consistency over time creates change”.  I found this to be a life principle.  Whether you are trying to lose weight, eat better, improve your sports performance or master an instrument, it is continued, consistent effort that leads to change.  Be consistent with your exercises and your nutrition and you will see the change.

Come join thousands of others in creating your own health and fitness success story – join the P90X family and BRING IT!  I hope that these P90X Tips for Success help you in your journey!

To Your Success!

P90X Tips

The PROOF is in the RESULTS!

P.S.  Please feel free to share these P90X Tips for Success with friends and family that may be starting their own transformation!

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3 Responses to P90X Tips For Success

  1. Decide, commit, succeed…. Which step is the hardest? Committing, I would think! Good thoughts on commitment in there… Thank you for laying that out!

  2. I love your thoughts on Visualize. Good idea to go buy something you will be wearing when you have reached your goal. I love it!

  3. I think I’ve got the consistency part down in my workouts. Now if I could just bring Planning and Consistency to my diet.

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