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P90X Yoga:

P90X Yoga

The P90X Yoga exercise DVD seems to polarize people more than any of the other DVD in the P90X program.  Why?  First, P90X Yoga is 90 minutes long.  Second, P90X Yoga is an atypical exercise for the fast-paced western civilization that we live in.  While most of the other P90X DVDs are blood pumping, sweat inducing, calorie scorching, bringing it – X me, X me, X me!  Yoga X is a shut off your mind, stay in the moment, namaste activity.  But don’t think it isn’t sweat inducing and calorie scorching until you have done it – find out for yourself.  I point to the P90X Yoga X video as the routine that truly makes P90X an all inclusive workout program.

As a physical therapist, I have witnessed the benefits of flexibility and improving range of motion in recovery from injury.  I often find myself recommending Yoga to my patients and use various poses in the clinic as part of their rehab routine.  For those of us who aren’t injured, a consistent practice of Yoga is a great way to prevent injuries from occurring.

What can you expect from P90X Yoga X?

If this is your first time, expect to get into some positions that are uncomfortable.  Expect to struggle on your first go around.  Expect to learn that you have muscular tightness in areas you never considered before.  Expect to sweat!  More than anything, use the routine to learn more about your body and identify potential problem areas.  By understanding where you are tight you can properly stretch those areas on a more consistent basis and help prevent injury.

I’ll paraphrase something Tony says in one of his One-on-One Yoga videos, “I can do things now at 50 that I couldn’t do before, not because of pushups and pullups, but because I do Yoga”.  That is enough motivation for me to make Yoga a consistent practice.  I want to enjoy life for a long time and Yoga X is part of the answer!

Here is the rundown of the P90X Yoga X exercises:

  • Warm Up: Mountain Pose, Hamstring Stretch, Torso Twist Stretch, Split-Leg Hamstring Strech, Side Stretch, Sun Saluations, and Downward Dog Calf Stretch.
  • Moving Asanas: Runners, Crescent, Warrior 1, Warrior 2, Reverse Warrior, Triangle Pose, Twisting Triangle, Prayer Twist, Right-Angle Pose to Extended, Runners to Side Arm Balance, Warrior 3, Standing Splits, Half Moon to Twisting Half Moon
  • Balance Postures: Tree, Royal Dancer, Standing Leg Extension, Crane, Seated Spinal Stretch, Cat Stretch, Frog, Bridge or Wheel, Plough into Shoulder Stand, Table, Cobbler, 1 legged to 2 legged hamstring stretch
  • Yoga Belly: Touch the Sky, Boat, Half Boat, Scissor, Torso Twist Hold, Deep Torso Twist Hold, Touch the Sky, Side Twist
  • Cool Down: Glute Stretch, Happy Baby, Child’s, Corpse, Fetal, and Meditation.

My Favorite Exercises in Yoga X:  I enjoy the moving sequence from Runners to Crescent to Warrior 1 to Warrior 2 to Reverse Warrior.  That is a great sequence and I feel my body start to really loosen up.

My Hardest Pose in Yoga X: there are really 2 that I struggle with – Right Angle pose and grab (not open enough into my chest) and Crane (tough time not falling onto my head).

Note for Beginners: Focus on your breathing – relax into the poses and stretches on your exhale.  Don’t worry about not being able to do the poses correctly at first, you may not have the flexibility to be able to perform the routine.  Just stick with it and your movements and flexibility will improve.  Also, take Tony’s advice, “Do your best, and Forget the rest”!

Suggestion for those who don’t have 90 mins:  Pick up one of Tony Horton’s One on One Yoga DVDs – “Foutain of Youth” (my favorite) or Patience Hummingbird.  Both DVDs are less time than Yoga X.  This way you get the benefits of Yoga without the 90 minute commitment.  Good luck on your journey!

P90X Yoga
P90X Yoga

P.S. Please feel free to share this P90X Yoga advice with friends and family who may be thinking about P90X or are already Bringing IT!

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