P90X Review – Nutrition Phase 1

I was asked this question recently, “With as many calories as I will be burning doing P90X, do I really need to worry about what I eat?”  Well the answer is absolutely YES!  In fact, it may be more important what you eat while doing P90X than it is when you are doing an exercise program that is less intense.  Your body will need good nutrition to help you complete the program, build lean muscle, and avoid injury.  So let’s take a look.

The P90X Nutrition program walks you through how to calculate your caloric need for your body, including the calories you will need to get through the program.  Once you have determined that number, you are ready to begin the program and make changes based on your results.

The P90X nutrition program is broken into 3 phases just like the exercise portion of the program.  Phase 1 of the program is called the Fat Shredder phase.  The Fat Shredder phase is characterized by higher protein, lower carbs, eating smaller more frequent meals, and understanding portion control.  Keeping a food journal is really helpful in keeping you on track with your nutrition. 

Remember this:  Without a commitment to your nutrition you may get in the best shape of your life with P90X and having nothing to show for it.  You deserve to have visible results for all the hardwork that you are putting into the program.  Don’t take your nutrition lightly.

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Here’s to your success!

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  1. Abs are made in the kitchen. You are so right David.

    • HawkPT at #

      Blake I have learned this the hard way – you can’t outwork poor nutrition. Thanks for your comment!

  2. So very true. I tell people all the time you can workout very hard and not see results if you don’t eat right.

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