P90X In The News – Tony Tells us how to “Bring IT!”

When it comes to fitness tips, there are a lot of people that you could turn to for advice on how to have success, why not ask Tony Horton the creator of P90X (the exercise program that is revolutionizing the fitness world).  In his recent article on FoxNews.com he gives some helpful tips to success with creating a healthy life and enjoying what fitness has to offer.  

Here are a few of the suggestions from the article:

  • Exercise for the Right Reasons
  • Don’t Put Garbage in Your Mouth
  • Take it Easy of Yourself (can’t believe Tony said that one)
  • Stick With It
  • Winging It
  • Surround Yourself with Like Minded People

I really enjoyed the article and gained some further insights into my own health and fitness.  To view the article in its entirety just CLICK HERE!

Hope you enjoy this article and keep working on your health and fitness. Remember, that consistency over time creates change!

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