Exericse + Proper Nutrition + Support = Success

Exercise is one of the 3 pillars to achieving success with your health and fitness.  Because it is so vital to your health and offers so many benefits, let’s look at some tips to help make exercise a more consistent part of your life.

5 Quick Exercise Tips:

  1. Consistency over time creates change!  I say this to my physical therapy patients all the time and it is one of life’s true principles.  Exercising for a day, a week, or even a month will not get you to where you want to go, so commit to being consistent.  Make exercise a part of you life and you will reap the benefits for years to come!
  2. Find a form of exercise that you like.  With so many exercise options available don’t settle for a routine that you despise.  Find a program that fits your personality.  I you like to dance, there are programs for you.  If you want to get buff, there are programs for you.  Do some research and choose a program that you like so you can be consistent.
  3. Don’t workout alone.  It is more fun to exercise with others!  When you workout with others, you can push each other, you can hold each other accountable which will lead to less missed workouts, and you can celebrate the journey with someone else.  Exercises with a family member, a good friend, or get to the gym and participate in a group.
  4. Be smart about your body!  Recovering from injury is no fun – believe me I treat injuries everyday.  Muscle “burn” is one thing, but spot specific pain is often a sign of inflammation, so listen to your body and modify your workout when needed.
  5. Finally, remember that exercise is only 1 of the 3 pillars to success, don’t forget how important nutrition, and support are in achieving your goals.

Life can be abundant when you have your health!  Start taking the steps you need to take to take control of your #1 asset – Your Health!



P.S.  If you are dealing with injury, please visit www.RecoverFromPain.com where I share tips on how you can treat your aches and pains.

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