Exercise Success – Don’t Stop Just Modify

Ever since we started our Fit Club, I have gained inspiration from those who show up and exercise.  I have been exercising for quite some time and there are times when I feel like taking a break, but when I do I think about all the things that I ask my patients to do despite pain, fatigue, limited movement and limited motivation.  I consistently ask them to break through barriers that may be holding them back.  I always tell them to listen to their body and be smart about what they are doing, but to push themselves to achieve their goals.

The key to truly benefitting from exercise is to be consistent.  Working out with friends will certainly help.  But, what happens when you experience injury, or you get sick, or you don’t sleep well one night, or you feel exhausted from the previous day?  The days when you experience setbacks you need to remember that it is better to just modify your exercise rather than stop.  Do what you can and know that your effort is going to continue to pay dividends.  Like Mr. P90X Tony Horton says, “Do Your Best and Forget the Rest”.

The example that I always think of is a patient of mine who joins us at Fit Club.  Last week we did an INSANITY workout.  I talked to him before hand about the routine and he was all for it, he didn’t want us to adjust the workout to be easier for him, he wanted to push himself to improve.  Well in the midst of this workout, we were jumping in the air and tucking our knees repetitively – I was sweating bullets and feeling my heart go crazy and I look over and my patient is still jumping.  Granted, he wasn’t jumping as high but he was pushing himself to do what he could.  In a previous workout when the group was doing X jumps, I look over and he was lifting one leg off the ground and swinging his arms in an X like the rest of us.  He taught me a very valuable lesson and inspired me to press harder.

I learned that it is better not to pre-determine what your limits are, but to go out and do what you can and modify when you have to and only when you have to.  To have exercise success you need to press through physical and mental barriers and modify when needed but don’t ever stop!  Remember this suggestion when you are thinking about skipping a workout or when you are faced with an exercise challenge – DON’T STOP JUST MODIFY!

Good luck on your journey to health freedom – the greatest commodity that we can have power over!

P.S.  What inspires you to push beyond mental and physical barriers?  Leave comments below!

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  1. There’s a terrific amount of konlwdege in this article!

  2. Dan at #

    Awesome stuff! I always remember to tell someone new to fit club that they can modify, but sometimes forget to do the same myself. Case in point, the deep lunges in the Insanity stretches are not possible for me with my knee issues. I could certainly just do a regular lunge or a hanging ham stretch. Great info!

  3. My family inspires me! They encourage, support and push me to be a better person!

  4. Love it! Some days are easier than others but you are so right. Get in there and do what you can. You will be happy you did.

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